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Zach is a co-star of the channel "The Try Guys" and "The Try Pod”. Zach has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He has an Australian Shepard dog named Bowie, although Zach claims that he is a cat PURR-SON. One fact about Zach is that he is Jewish.

On December 12th, 2018, Zach announced that he had a girlfriend, Maggie, and that they'd been together for two and a half years. Maggie once found a giant black, latex dildo in Zach's pillow, which was mentioned on the podcast, "You Can Sit With Us " and briefly mentioned by Zach on the "Try Pod". On their first date, they wanted to spend some more time together, and went for ice cream, despite the fact that both Maggie and Zach are lactose intolerant.

Zach is one of the hosts on Guilty Pleasures Podcasts on the Try Pod Youtube channel.

On August 30, 2020, Zach announced that he had proposed to Maggie.

On February 11, 2023, Zach and Maggie got married in Mexico.

Personal Bio[]

Zach created his own wiki bio in the podcast episode, "Ned Fell Down The Stairs During A Makeout - The TryPod Ep. 135"

Zach Kornfeld was born in an undisclosed time period between 1947 and 1996. His film career began when a young Steven Spielberg spotted him in a concession stand and said “boy, you got moxie!” He was the Westchester County record holder for the slowest mile. He was the junior chess supporter champion. As an adult, he modeled for Burberry Kids. He had a very popular lemonade stand that went out of business. Had a gap tooth but fixed it with braces. He is currently 31 years old and resides in Los Angeles.

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Zach is also known for having a fragile body and often worries about it in the more exercise-themed videos. He is allergic to many many foods that includes bell peppers, and dairy. Zach cannot consume dairy because of his very severe allergy. He also has an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. He has a series on Chronic pain.


2019 - present

  • The Hidden Power of F***ing Up. Zach took part in writing The Try Guys: The Hidden Power of F***ing Up. which came out  on April 2nd of 2019.
  • The Try Guys: Legend of the Internet tour.
  • Behind The Try: A Try Guys Documentary
  • In 2022, The Try Guys went on the Tv show, No Recipe Road Trip with the Try Guys
  • 2024 Try Guys announced 2nd Try

Zadiko Tea Co.[]

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