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The Try Guys have been making videos since 2014. They have done MANY videos on Buzzfeed and have about eighteen videos on their new channel, which is oh so creatively dubbed, The Try Guys.

Some of my favorite videos that they have made during their time on Buzzfeed are Eugene Drinks Every States Most Iconic Alcohol | The Try Vlog, Extreme Asian Food Challenge * Try Guys Feast Mode, and my most FAVOURITE, The Try Guys Take A Friendship DNA Test.

Every Try Guy has their own unique personalities. Zach, who is the youngest out of the bunch, has a fun yet innocent kind of personality. Ned, who is the family man out of all of them, has a sporty yet fun and peppy personality. Keith, whose father was a part of a quartet, has a fun yet welcoming personality. Eugene, who is the oldest out of the bunch, has a sarcastic yet hilarious personality.

One thing that Lots do adore and love about the Try Guys, is that they are all weird and Different in so many ways and are not afraid NOR are they ashamed to show it. They aren't afraid to try new things and experience the world for what it is!

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