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Rachel Ann Cole is the Try Guys Executive Producer. Rachel also, like the Try Guys  formerly worked for Buzzfeed along with YB Chang, a Try Guy video editor.

It's rumored that Rachel "canceled" Zach Kornfeld's current series on the channel, Candid Competition.

Cole was Miss Vermont 2007 and was on a reality TV show called Pageant Place. She went off on a rant about how gay marriage wasn't a crime after one of her fellow contestants said that only men and women should get married. This clip was included in the episode, and was a trivia question in the Try Guys video, "Which Try Guy is the Best Boss?"

Rachel talks about her background in "Ariel Is Obsessed With Steamy Novels - You Can Sit With Us Ep. 12" (timestamp: 35:02). She talks about her career before joining the try guys and how she became the first employee of the company.

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Rachel has appeared in many episodes on the channel. Her twins have also been featured in episodes, most notably their video, "Try Guys Try Baby Photography," where her two daughters are taking pictures with Ned Fulmer, and "Eugene Babysits Twins For A Day," where her two daughters are taken care of for a day by Eugene Lee Yang.

Rachel also cohosts the Try Wives Podcast, You Can Sit With Us. Rachel has also made appearences in the Try Moms episodes.

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