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Miles Bonsignore started at 2nd Try LLC in May 2018 as a Production Assistant, and was later promoted to Podcast Producer and Camera Operator. Before starting work at Second Try, he spent about six months at Buzzfeed in their fellowship program. He has also been featured in We’re Not Together (2020), Written on Your Face (2013), and El caffinato (2011) 

He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for a Bachelor’s in Communications: Media Production & Dramatic Art, Writing for the Screen and Stage.

Miles produces the TryPod podcast. He is referred to as the "Podcast Gremlin" on the podcast. He has created a band of followers which he refers to as the "Miles Nation". They are a warring faction to the lesser known "Try Poodles", the name given to the fans of the podcast by Zach Kornfeld.

In the TryPod he has his own segment at the end of every episode called 'Advice that will go for miles with Miles Bonsignore' (the youngest and least experienced of them). His advices include 'take a deep breath', 'buy a loofah', 'freeze your grapes' and more than 100 others of varying degrees of quality. He introduced a self-produced theme song in the 40th episode and once in a while he comes up with a different version (with intro from Becky, with intro from Ariel, his fake Netflix trailer etc.) or he plays a version sent in by a fan.

Later on, he also became a producer of all the other podcasts under the umbrella of the TryPods. On Patreon he has his own segment Advice that will go on for Miles.

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