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Matthew Joseph McLean is in a relationship with Eugene Lee Yang. They met at a gym and have been dating since 2012, living together since 2014. During his first appearance on You Can Sit With Us, he said that for their first date, they went to watch the movie Argo which came out in 2012.

He works as a Business Consultant in Los Angeles where he lives with Eugene and their three dogs, Emma, Pesto, and Kimbop.

He is of Italian descent and is frequently asked by Eugene in their quarantine vlogs to speak in Italian.

He is very good friends with the other Try Wives, appearing in many photos with them.

Matt was mentioned on Episode 41 of the Try Pod when Eugene describes his experience in adopting Kimbop. Eugene also mentions that it was Matt's idea to adopt Pesto and a video of Matt with a then 4-month-old Pesto can be found on Eugene's Instagram account posted July 2014.

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He has appeared in many videos on the Try Guys channel as well as on Buzzfeed, in videos such as Try Guys Test The Legal Alcohol Limit and 8 Types of Gay Guys I've Dated.

  • He was at Ariel's baby shower, he can be seen in the Try Guys Throw a Baby Shower video.
  • He was briefly visible in the second half of Try Guys Wear Corsets For 72 Hours.
  • The first video in which he is introduced officially is The Try Guys Become Zookeepers for a Day.
  • Matt was on the Try Wives podcast You Can Sit With Us episode 20.
  • Matt's picture with Eugene was briefly shown in The Try Guys Make Surprise DIY Valentines.
  • Matt was a judge on the Try Guys without a recipe, dumplings episode in December 2020.
  • Husband Vs. Best Friend Recreate Iconic Drag Makeup
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