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"Hide The Lemon" is a game played by Keith and Becky Habersberger during the video The Try Guys Work From Home For 168 Hours.


Round 1 Summary[]

The lemon was hidden by Becky in the lampshade. Becky started giving hot and cold hints for Keith to find the lemon. The lemon was later found in the lamp after two minutes of playing, later progressing into round 2.

  • Keith also complained about Becky's hot and cold hints for going freezing after he went a few steps from the lampshade.

Round 2 Summary[]

The lemon was hidden by Keith in a box on top of the fridge. Keith used tricks, which included moving the shoes to the table and putting a yellow banana gram-bag behind the television. Becky managed to later find the lemon after questioning what was happening due to running into the television trick.

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